north Pars gas field

exploration activities started in this field with carrying out seismic tests and the first exploration well was completed in 1967 is North Pars Gas Field .The total volume of the gas in place of this field is about 58.9×1012 cu ft (1.67×1012 m3) and the recoverable volume of sour gas is approximately 47.2×1012 cu ft (1.34×1012 m3).

Filed gas is lean and sour, its Condensate Gas Ratio is 4 bbl (0.64 m3) per 1000 cu ft and it contains around 6,000 ppm H2S and 5% CO2.

The first design to operate this field was approved in 1977 and after drilling 17 wells and installation of 26 maritime platforms and due to commencement of Islamic revolution and the imposed war the project was stopped.

At present, final studies for development of this field – 4 phases- equivalent to 3,600 million cubic feet per day (100,000,000 m3/d) is under implementation. The whole recovered gas from this field will be used for producing 20 Mtpa of LNG